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Branding a Product

A key component in promoting a product is building brand awareness. Generally speaking, brand awareness is a consumer’s level of knowledge and responsiveness regarding a particular product.

Certain methods help differentiate products from one another. For example, viral marketing and audience specific advertising are employed to help sell a product. When consumers recognize a product or service as unique (different from other like products or services), the product or service achieves a level of brand awareness.

An example of brand awareness: Imagine standing in a grocery store aisle comparing several like brands of cola. The brands you don’t recognize are less expensive than the leading brands, such as Pepsi, but they all appear to have the same ingredients. You are familiar with Pepsi, as its commercials run during your weekly television shows, and you see Pepsi’s catchy logo on the billboards located outside your office. Because of your existing relationship with Pepsi and lack of relationship with any of the other brands you select Pepsi as your cola of choice. The relationship you associate with Pepsi trumps other brands and signifies your loyalty and awareness to Pepsi. Pepsi, unlike the other brands, has a level of brand awareness.

Brand awareness can be achieved through consistent exposure and brand identity. The following methods can further enhance a product’s brand awareness:

  • The development of a core message or vision (defining the brand’s identity)
  • The utilization of content marketing (discussing a product in niche markets)
  • The utilization of social marketing (encouraging audiences to adopt social concepts or values)
  • The participation in two-way communication (creating a dialogue between brand and consumers)

By applying the above methods, as well as others, you can build brand awareness for a product. However, all marketing approaches should remain consistent in terms of message and tone for the most effective results.

(Information provided in this blog post is from Yahoo’s “7 Ways to Build Brand Awareness” and The Branding Blog’s “Building Brand Awareness.” Image provided by University of Wyoming’s law newsletter.)



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