Welcome to Strategic PReparation

100_0242My name is Adrienne Webb, and I am a senior at the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication. I graduate in December, marking the start of a new era with new aspirations. It was not so long ago that my main goal was to graduate, and now that I have nearly accomplished it I feel both liberated and hungry for a much larger, demanding goal. Understanding social media should do the trick.

Recently, I went to Chicago for several informational interviews with PR firms and agencies. It was from these interviews that I developed a new awareness and appreciation for social media, as every one of my interviewers gave me the same bit of sage advice: “One of the biggest things we look for in entry-level applicants is social media experience. We want to see that you know your way around the digital world, and we will want you to prove it.” With this in mind, I saw a new challenge in sight. I decided to dive into the world of social media, actively engaging in blogs and following the realms of delicious, LinkedIn and Twitter.

This blog will not only facilitate my desire to utilize social media platforms, but it will also allow me to explore my interests within the PR industry. I aim to examine theories and strategies commonly practiced in PR and how they are properly applied or fatally ignored in campaigns. This blog’s content is intended for budding PR practitioners who are eager to join the ranks of their current or potential colleagues.

I look forward to the research and analyses ahead, as well as to my leap into unfamiliar territory: the world of social media.


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  1. Sarah Lilly

    Congratulations on your entrance into the world of blogging! I am looking forward to reading your work!

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